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Stock photos, video, and patterns for your next web project

Sun, 18 Nov 2018

Let’s face it: great imagery is an integral part of design. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find great stock images that are royalty-free. I’ve seen plenty of companies that I’ve worked with had their content taken down due to copyright issues.

But no longer! In recent years, there’s been a bunch of new websites popping up that provide people with beautiful stock photos, videos, and patterns. And I’ve compiled a bunch of the great ones into a list!

This curated list of resources can be useful for many things, including designing an Instagram post with Canva, finding a great background video for your website, or even finding some extra footage for that documentary you plan to release next month.

I hope these help!

Stock Photos

All photos from these sites are Creative Commons, and are free to use for commercial use. - This is the largest free stock photo site out there. - Pexels takes a close second. - Just your average stock photos site, but I like that you can search for photos by color at the bottom.

Stock Videos - Free videos, specifically for your homepage. They post 7 new videos every Monday. - Highly recommend checking this out! The search filters are super useful. Make sure that ”Public Domain” is checked, or a lot of paid videos will show up. - Sound needs enabled once you get here, it starts off by default. - Lots of ads, but good content. - This sites kind of ancient lookin, but they have some good stuff on here!

Patterns, Textures, and Backgrounds - Amazing site. Make your own background pattern. Just drag in some icons (or upload your own), and position them however you like for a repeating background pattern. - Just keep scrolling… - This is probably 10x more useful for developers than most other people, as it gives you the generated code to use these in your web projects. - This site is odd…also filled with ads. Still worth a mention! - Change the color on the left hand side, pick your style, and download the image! Also has a feature for developers to grab the CSS. - Best for blurred backgrounds.

That’s it for now! Let me know if you know of anymore quality resources that should be added!

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