My name is Jonny Goodwin. I’m a 25-year old software engineer, marketer, and entrepreneur from Baltimore, MD.

Software Development

My expertise and interest is in front-end technologies. I’ve been enjoying working in ReactJS. My server-side skills are not nearly as strong, but I do have a desire to learn Node or GoLang in the near future.


Online marketing is essential to growing your business. I have grown sites from 0 to 200,000 views in a matter of weeks. I have also grown multiple email lists from 0 to 1,000 subscribers, and managed email lists of over 1,000,000 subscribers. I am a certified Google Adwords partner.


I want to make profitable things that benefit other people and have a positive impact on their lives. I have plenty of ideas for how to do this, I just need to sit down and implement some of them. An idea is worth nothing, action is.

Spare Time

When I’m not coding, marketing, or working on my latest idea, I enjoy:

  • Hanging out with friends.
  • Driving back and forth from PA to MD, visiting and catching up with friends.
  • Wrestling. I am an assistant coach for a high school team. Right now it is the offseason, but I still help out at the club two days a week.

About this Site

Curious about how I made this sick beast of a website? Well… this blog is an edited implementation of the PersonalBlog GatsbyJS starter. It was originally made by Greg Lobinski. Check out some of these sick features though (nerds only beyond this point):

  • Easy editable content in Markdown files (posts, pages and parts)
  • SEO (sitemap generation, robot.txt, meta and OpenGraph Tags)
  • Social sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)
  • Comments (Facebook)
  • Images lazy loading and webp support (gatsby-image)
  • Post categories (post list filtering)
  • Full text searching (Algolia)
  • Contact form (Netlify form handling)
  • RSS feed
  • PWA (manifes.json, offline support, favicons)
  • Google Analytics
  • Favicons generator (node script)
  • Material UI (@next)
  • Components lazy loading (social sharing, comments)
  • Custom webpack CommonsChunkPlugin settings
  • Webpack BundleAnalyzerPlugin
  • Contact form validation (react-material-ui-form-validator)
  • GatsbyJS, ReactJs, CSS in JS, Algolia, Netlify